User Tips from the Lab

Thank you for showing an interest in our SERS substrates. In evaluating our substrates for your applications, we have learnt a few tricks which we would like to share with you. (1) Ultimate detection For most sensitive measurements, it is imperative that the SERS substate is free of contaminants. Even though we check each substrate […]

SERS Explained by U&J – Episode 1

ONE DAY IN A LAB Juliette: Hi, Umi, do you want to go to lunch? We’d better go before the cafeteria gets packed with people. Umi: Can you wait a bit? I sort of want to finish this before. J.: What are you doing anyhow? U.: Well, it is a bit hard to explain, right […]


In the course of the last 50 years Surface Enhance Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) has pushed the envelope for Raman Scattering based measurements. By utilizing physical and quantum chemical interactions between molecules of interest and diligently prepared nanoparticle set-ups (so called substrates) a variety of experimental set-ups have been investigated. In real life situations enhancement factors […]